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After Dark Tours

Walk an abandoned prison, sit in a solitary cell, experience a place of Punishment, once called - "Ireland's Hell"

Spike Island is a place of mystery and magic that over the centuries has been used as a place of worship, defence, confinement and punishment. Our fully guided day tours give visitors a sense of the rich military, penal and social history of the island, sharing the stories of the many who called the island home.

But there is another side to this often dark and dangerous place that we do not tell to any day tour. A sombre and frightening history about prison life that is not for the faint of heart.

Join us on one of our Spike Island After Dark’ tours to learn about the chilling history that haunts this beautiful island habitat. Hear about the horror of the convict’s treatment when Spike was the world’s largest prison in the 1850’s Punishment block, a prison built with the sole purpose of punishing human beings. Its dreadful conditions led to several suicide attempts, some successful, and these grim cells hold many memories today.

You will hear about the mass graves that litter this beautiful island, the result of foul conditions and overcrowding during the worst of the famine years. These forgotten restless souls sit in unmarked graves under the islands lush grasslands, victims of an unfair time.

The islands beauty did not spare it from the worst of human nature, and you’ll hear the stories of murders that took place such as nationalist Patrick White who was killed in a spiteful act of revenge by his keepers. We talk about the brutal murder of a prison warder in the 1800’s, a event carried out by some of the many dangerous characters who were imprisoned on Spike, often sitting chained to the walls in their cells, covered head to toe in black save for 2 slits for eyeholes.

And our tour will take you to areas no day tour can go as we walk mysterious underground tunnels and cells that are sure to chill as much as they excite.

The islands fame has seen many paranormal groups visit the island, with Ghost Hunter International visiting and doing a show in 2010 and subsequent visits from GhostEire and Cork Paranormal Investigators.

Now it’s your chance to visit the island and discover for yourself. Do you dare to visit Spike Island After Dark?  (Group size reduced over the Covid period).