Private vessel landing - Licensed operators

Private individual vessel visits:

Spike Island is operated by Spike Island Development Company and the company is tasked with the safe and timely landing of passengers at Spike Island, bringing jobs and visitors to the region.  The pontoon on Spike Island is in near continuous use during the busy peak season with many vessels and dozens of landings / departures taking place.  This means safe and timely access to the pontoon is essential for the company to operate effectively and ensure visitor safety.

The following guidelines are in place for both private individuals and other licensed operators who wish to land at Spike Island.  

-  All vessels wishing to land at the Spike Island pontoon must have booked a timed visit 24 hours in advance.  If there is availability a timed visit will be issued for landing and disembarking
-  This can be done by contacting or calling 021-2373455.  
-  The cost is €12pp for private vessels passengers per person, which must be paid in advance when booking.  This includes entry to fort, a free map and app and an optional guided tour.  
-  It is essential that bookings depart before their time slot has ended to ensure no delays or hold ups on the pontoon which can endanger visiting members of the public.  
-  Length of stay will depend on the time of year and planned use of the pontoon on the intended day of visit and will be communicated when booking.
-  There are no visits or access outside of publicly advertised opening hours when staff are on site.  Any person on the island after this time is trespassing.  CCTV is in constant use.
- There is no camping on Spike Island without prior permission being requested and granted.  No fires may be started anytime and it is a crime to do so.  Contact us to book a formal overnight stay.  
- Bookings will be sent our standard terms and conditions and an e-ticket when you book.  These terms and conditions must be adhered to at all times.

-  Vessels who have not pre-booked a visit will not be granted access to the island. 

We appreciate your help with delivering a safe and timely service for all the visitors to Cork harbour.



Licensed ferry operator landings:

Spike Island Development Company works with partner ferry operators to land passengers safely on the island with the main route from Cobh decided by tender to guarantee a level of service to visitors to the area.  During the course of this tender which is due to expire in 2022 other operators may land paying passengers on the island if the visits are pre-arranged and meet certain terms and conditions and pay the appropriate fee.  Details of the terms and conditions and rates can be obtained by contacting us on and requesting our 'Commercial vessel landing' document.  

It is an offence to land paying passengers without following the steps outlined in the document.  Please contact us to confirm the required steps to ensure the safety of all visitors to the harbour.