Private vessel landing - Licensed operators

Private individual vessel visits:




Access to Spike Island is by prior application and approval, with applications on each occasion to  

As events and additional pontoon use can occur at short notice, access must be requested and approved on each occasion.  

No access is permitted when Spike Island staff are not present on the island, in line with similar venues.

Access is unlikely to be granted during peak summer months, when the pontoon on Spike Island is in constant use.

Access when permitted is on the south side of the pontoon only.

Vessels of any nature cannot land on the two narrow ends of the pontoon, as these contain emergency ladders to allow persons who fall into the water to exit safely.  Please respect this serious health and safety request.

Other stairs / landing areas on Spike Island are not safe for landing.

All conditions of landing are outlined when communicating approval of access requests.


Spike Island is tasked with the safe and timely landing of passengers at Spike Island, as we carry out our not for profit mission to bring jobs and visitors to the region.  Please help us in this aim by following the guidelines, and arranging a visit in advance. 



- Any unarranged access is unauthorised.  Persons arriving on their own boat outside of times the island is open to the public has resulted in damage to buildings, extensive littering, disruption of native wildlife and fouling and graffiti issues.  CCTV is in constant use and will be shared following further incidents of damage, which will be reported to the authorities. 

- There is no camping on Spike Island without prior permission being requested and granted.  No fires may be started anytime and it is a crime to do so.  Please contact us for camping enquiries. 


-  No dogs are allowed on the island at any time except for registered service dogs on a lead, to protect the islands native wildlife which has been undisturbed for many decades.  Ground nesting birds are believed to inhabit several areas of the island. 





Licensed ferry operator landings:


Spike Island Development Company works with partner ferry operators to land passengers safely on the island, with the main route from Cobh decided by a tender process which is open to all applicants, to guarantee a level of service to visitors to the area. 

During the course of this tender, which is due to expire in 2024, other operators may land paying passengers on the island from locations other than Cobh, if these visits are pre-arranged, meet certain terms and conditions, pay the appropriate fee and adhere to the terms and conditions. 

Details of the terms and conditions and rates can be obtained by contacting us on and requesting our 'Commercial vessel landing' document.  

It is an offence to land paying passengers with out following the steps outlined in this document, which are for the safety of all visitors.  Please contact us to confirm the required steps to ensure the safety of all visitors to Spike Island.