The Corona virus has resulted in a series of goverment actions which included a lockdown of tourist sites, and we are delighted to be able to reopen and welcome visitors back after this period.  We will be taking many actions to ensure our visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience during this time, and when you book you will receive a detailed outline of these measures with your e-ticket, which we encourage you to read.  Our wide open spaces and large buildings make us the perfect place for an enjoyable day out, but please feel free to phone us with any concerns prior to visiting and we will outline exactly what you can expect.   Your safety and comfort is our number one priority. 

Please see the following points for info on a visit prior to booking; 


  • Spike Island has received the Failte Ireland Covid safety charter.
  • As per current goverment guidelines regarding public transport visitors must wear a face covering for the short 10 minute ferry journey over and back only, not while on the island.  Suitable face coverings include facemasks, visors, scarfs, bandanas or any other material.  Please bring a face covering with you as persons without a face covering will not be allowed to travel on the ferry, ideally something recyable/reusable. 
  • Goverment advice can change and must be adhered to, please see your 24 hour confimation email for details of any changes. 
  • Some persons are excluded from wearing a face covering: Children under the age of 12, suffers of asthma, anyone who has trouble breathing and anyone with special needs. Please idetify yourself or anyone in this bracket when booking in.  Persons allowed to travel who are not wearing a face covering may be asked to sit in an outside area for the comfort and safety of themselves and others, please do not be offended by this action, we are endevouring to think of your safety and others.  
  • For more info on face coverings see,is%20unconscious%20or%20incapacitated
  • Please have your ticket printed or on display on your phone as tickets cannot be printed on arrival.
  • The capacity of the ferry and island has been significantly reduced during this period, with a typical 40% - 50% reduction on each sailing.  This allows for some measure of social distancing.  Please do not sit beside another individual from another group.  The boat crew are directing passengers to seating and should you need assistance to identify a suitable seat they will be happy to help, particualarly if you are one of the last to board.
  • You may be allocated seating in an outside part of the vessel, please dress for the weather.
  • You will be sat in a row with your group, please remain seated and use the same seats on the return journey where possible.  You will likely have other passengers in the row behind you / across from you or in the row in front of you, in line with the directives for all public transport.  We would reiterate the short 10 minute ferry journey to the island, you will be seated with your group, and should not sit beside another group, masks must be worn, and the doors and windows of the vessel are left open whenever possible for adequate ventillation. Please feel free to contact us if anything is unclear about the ferry operation and your responsibilities during the crossing, we are here to help. 
  • You may request to be seated outside and we recommend this if you have concerns or are in a more vunerable category for Covid.  Please be one of the first arrivals to check in to allow for this. 
  • Please think of your fellow passengers space and comfort at all times on the journey. 
  • Socially distanced queueing will take place while waiting for the ferry in Cobh and Spike, please help us maintain this.
  • Advance booking is essential via the website. Have your tickets printed or displayed on your phone to minimise queueing and wait times.
  • Your ferry departs from Kennedy pier right in the center of Cobh, 50 meters down from Titanic Cobh.  Arrive at the pier at least 10 minutes before departure to join your boarding queue with your ticket printed or on your phone and face coverings/mask.
  • The first visitors to board may get thier choice of seating location, while other visitors on the ferry will be assigned a seat for the outbound / return ferry when boarding.  If having your choice of seating is important to you please arrive early into the queue and make this known to the boat crew who will do all they can to faciliatate.  You would ask your to remain seated but you may walk around the boat after departure if it benefits you to do so provided you do not use a seat other than your allocated seating and maintain social distancing from others.  Please respect other visitors space.
  • Contactless payments in all locations, please pay by card where possible. 
  • One way systems around the island and exhbitions in all locations. Each visitor receives a free map and app to guide them which shows in a simple to follow number 1 - 12 fashion which buildings to visit in order.  These are also in chronological order so it will add to your visit.  Keep left inside the fort at all times.
  • There are over 12 locations around the island to wash or sanitise your hands, in toilets (4) and at sanitiser points (8), in addition to the locations in Cobh and the ferry.
  • Staff will be wearing PPE in locations where it has been deemed necessary for the safety of visitors and staff.  Please respect their right to space.
  • Extensive daily cleaning is being undertaken with additional cleaning staff on site.
  • There is a short welcome and safety brief on arrival to the island after which visitors can join a short guided tour.  Please adhere to social distancing during this time.
  • Cafe and gift shop on site, socially distanced queueing and cleaned regularly.  The cafe will be takeaway only until indoor dining is allowed.
  • Parking is free at the 5 foot way car park by Cobh heritage center and we recommend this option.  You may also park behind Cobh Cathederal, not inside it, but this does fill up so we recommend the heritage center.  Allow 15 minutes to park and walk.  
  • Parking in Cobh town center is not suitable due to 3 hour parking limit.  No refunds or later sailings for late arrivals as we had no opportunity to resell the space you paid for and must pay the ferry provider regardless. 
  • Ticket price includes return ferry, island welcome and history on arrival and time to self explore.  Each visitor gets a free map and downloadable app.
  • Visits normally last 3.5 hours, so your boat back will be 3.5 hours after you depart.  This includes the ferry journey which is 10 minutes each way, a short welcome and history on arrival and time to self explore our museums and use the cafe.  
  • The ferry is wheelchair accessible, however there is a steep incline to Fort Mitchell and 3 of the 11 attractions are inaccessible for wheelchairs.  Please email us to advise if you are attending with a wheelchair (maximum capacity on the boat is 2 per sailing). 
  • There are no refunds for late arrivals and no option to change to another boat if a sailing is missed.  Cancellations will only be refunded if requested 48 hours before sailing.  Please allow time to park and arrive at the ferry 10 minutes before your departure.
  • No dogs except Service Dogs.
  • The island is suitable for buggies with paths all around, you may be asked to fold the buggy for the ferry journey. 
  • By purchasing tickets for Spike Island ®, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by and subject to the onlineTerms and Conditions which accompany your ticket also, and have read and agree to the use of the information you provide us with.  The management reserves the right at all times to refuse admission.