Éanna Heavey

Building upon a successful residency model for the exhibition Oiléan in 2021, Spike Island and Sample-Studios have further developed their collaboration for 2022/2023.
Spike Island is thrilled to host a residency for Éanna Heavey. The Sample-Studios member aims to develop a body of work that will allow for the realisation of his emerging art practice, both conceptually and in terms of the multidisciplinary nature of Éanna’s artistic work. 

“I’m an emerging, Cork-based, multi-disciplinary artist who graduated in 2018 and has shown my work locally and nationally since graduating. I had my first solo show in July 2022 with Cork Film Centre and Chapel Hill School of Art in Macroom and received the Agility Award from the Arts Council in 2021.
My practice primarily includes experimental film, analogue photography, performance and mixed media drawing and painting. The themes and interests of my work lie in exploring the male psyche; the inherent tensions and vulnerabilities of manhood from a queer, psychoanalytical perspective on male gender identity.
Concerned by ongoing high statistics in male suicide and interested in the high rates in other areas such as homelessness, addiction, and prison violence ratios, I aim to explore the psycho-social influences that may be contributing factors to these high statistics.
This will be done in a sensitive, yet avant-garde manner”. 


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