Wheelchair users

Spike Island Cork has wheelchair access via a roll on / roll off pontoon on the Cobh and Spike Island side.  This ramp access is easier to use and less steep on a high tide – high tide information can be found at, or call us for advice.

If there are more than three wheelchair users in the group, please contact us in advance so we can plan the most comfortable journey for you.

There is a ramp to board the ferry – please wait for staff to lower this for access.

Once on the island, there is a 400 meter walk from the pier to the fort, and significant walking periods from building to building in the 24 acre fortress.  There is a short sharp hill just before reaching the fort.

There are wheelchair accessible toilets on the pier and in the forts café.

Of the 12 or so buildings and exhibitions, three have upstairs areas not accessible by wheelchair.  All other public areas are wheelchair accessible, with occasional narrow historic doorways.

If you are travelling with a group of wheelchairs users, please contact us in advance to let us know so we can ensure the best space is held.  The ferry can accommodate approximately four wheelchair users per sailing, when pre-booked.

Ideal visit time – All times are good, but generally early mornings at 10am / 11am are quieter, and so exhibitions are easier to navigate, as are visits outside of peak July / August months.


Children & Pushchairs

The island is well suited to buggy use.  The walk from the pier to the fort and inside the fortress is all concrete / solid paths.

There are approx 3 of 12 areas that require stairs to access part of their exhibition.  Please assist children when climbing stairs.

On the ferry, you may be asked to stow the buggy for the duration of the sailing (12 minutes).  Please follow the direction of the boat crew.

The island is very suited to children, with large open green spaces and interesting, interactive exhibitions.  There are baby changing rooms in the cafe and pier toilets.  Please stay with children at all times for their safety.

The beaches on Spike Island are a beautiful and peaceful retreat.  As with any island location, please stay with children at all times when boarding the vessel, and when they are near water.

Older visitors

Spike Island is suited to all ages and interests.  There is a roll on, roll off pontoon for easy island access, no steps.

There is a 400 meter, 12 minute walk from the pier to the fortress with a short sharp slope at the end.

Most exhibitions  are on the ground floor, with three areas requiring a single flight of stairs to experience.  The cafe and gift shops are all ground floor and have plenty indoor and outdoor seating.

Your safety is our number on priority.  In the event of a serious accident or emergency, immediately dial 999 and advise the call handler of the emergency and your location.  Then notify staff.  For minor accidents, contact a member of staff.  Staff are located in the cafe and exit / entrance gift shops, and generally on the tour guiding route from the pier to the fort.