Spike Island Chalice

Spike Island ChaliceA silver plated chalice and paten were used in the convict chapel on Spike Island between 1848 and 1883.  It was used at the weekly mass on the island and it served the most notorious murders and brigands as well as the forts military men and prison officers.  Religion gave spirtual releif to the unfortunate convicts and was seen as a very important part of their rehabiliation journey.

When the convict depot on Spike Island closed in 1883 the remaining convicts were transferred to Mountjoy Jail prison in Dublin. The chalice and paten were also transferred to Mountjoy where they were used for religious services for over a century.

Spike Island ChaliceThe beautiful chalice is emblazoned with the Spike Island name and uniquely has the words ‘Convict Church 1848’ engraved on it, a rare distinction.  Both items were generously donated to the Spike Island museum by the Irish Prison Service in 2017 and are now on display in the Punishment Block on Spike Island.